>Alienspeaking Sunday and Happy Monday


Well, Sunday, before breakfast, is a great time to hear some of the best music around. This is Casino Hammerer, an alien, laying down some tunes……for the Alienspeaking Nation……… live from Alien HQ.


…and Raintears were dropping it like it’s hot…….

…….and I need to get some new dances….anyway………it normally bodes very well for my week when I can get a sunday alien session in, and this week is no different

I started the week with a new friend, Nur, and went out dancing Monday night too…:)) Happy Monday.

In other news…. I am building my first goat…..and with bits of goat laying around my workshop it looks like Eid ul Fitr (a Muslim festival)….:))
I have the feeling it may turn out to be a sort of Frankenstein goat…but here’s hoping…..

….. will also be building Yggdrasil, both (tree and goat) for Frigg Ragu’s new project, a snowy sim with trolls caves and thingies ….real Norwegian fairy story stuff.

yes, you’ll all be invited…..hmmm…might be time to put my bikini on, I did threaten to…



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