This is my latest flower to go on sale at the shop….

It’s called the Cappuccino Vine and natives use the beans to make a wonderful drink…

In other news, (lots of small bits)….. Magoo….. last chance to see over the next two days, I think it’s going on Wednesday.

AND a new sim with work by Muskat Qinan, Frigg Ragu and myself, opens on Tuesday….details to follow…..

Bettina Tizzy is gonna be blogging for NWN…. thats great news… we all look forward to that, although I could suggest to Hamlet, not that he necessarily reads this rag….. that sometimes it’s better not to post…

Cole Marie Soleil, one of the most all-round talented artists in SL is now offering her services as a video maker and will be taking commissions from interested parties…. here

Isabella Alphaville had a rocking party on Saturday which was attended by the famous and trendy…. it was a social highlight.

Alizarin Goldflake…. I blogged her new piece for Koinup… check it out…

….and……UWA, voting begins for the November People’s Choice award…..

” UWA 3D Art & Design November People’s Choice: The November People’s Choice board is up – so come on over and vote for your favourite of the 58 (yes 58!) entries we have had in the imagine Challenge this month. Make sure you have a good look at each and every one of the Imagine entries and check out the Flagship builds via the TPs on the platform next to the landing area.”

You will arrive …here

…………. the Pseudonymity discussions continue……with supreme clarity on Botgirl’s blog and a good piece by Lalo Telling

no wonder I’m frazzled….hehehhehe…



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  1. >I still have no idea how to get to your opening, although now I do now that it is tomorrow. . .but where will it be tomorrow????? I patiently await details. . .I think you had mentioned that it begins at 11 AM SLT on Tuesday, December 1st, so now I just need the where. . .plsThank you for kudos on my fete! It seems that a good time was had by all. . .although at times it did resemble a cross between a Woody Allen movie and Orpheus' Descent into Hades. . .you sort of had to be there to understand. . .also cd throw in Busby Berkeley in a Purple HazexxxISA

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