>Manning the life boats…

>I got a huge kick today when, following Wizzy’s recent success at exporting her stuff I decided to give it a go, too.

I downloaded Emerald which I am happy to say still caters for my neglected PPC Mac, unlike Apple…and within 5 minutes I was exporting like a mad thing. I currently have 33 of my thingies safely installed on my Little Lappy and it feels very good. It’s like an emancipation, I can go and plant up any world I want to now, and Nishi Land moves a step nearer to being a reality.

The way things are going we will all be zooming around the Metaverse, only popping in to SL for social stuff, seeing old friends and the like.

Thoroughly behind this new venture Transworlders….see the little thingy at the top…

..otherwise all is quite well really… I’m working on a Norwegian Troll avatar, probably the most sensible northern enterprise this week as the rest of this part of the world has totally lost it…

This week sees thousands of people burn a hole in the ozone layer over Denmark, eating enough food to keep a small nation fed and feeling bad about it as a sort of balance to their rambling self importance. Bet the weather’s crap, it normally is… even when the climate isn’t changing… (/me tries to think of when climate doesn’t change…. draws a blank…)…

Scandinavia seems to be hosting the Ridiculous Front of Reality this week with Obama using a few hundred tons of fuel to get an award for sending 30,000 more troops to rearrange rocks in Afghanistan in a previously unknown definition of the word Peace. Well, the award is given by an explosives manufacturer…

…and they think we are weird….lol….



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