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Yesterday saw the opening of the new Flashman’s at Esoterica a great dance joint playing music from the 20’s, 30’s, etc.

The brainchild of Martin Ren, who is, he says, retiring, it attracted over 40 people and the joint was jumpin’. Echo and Phi will take over the management of the place with Martin hopefully coming in occasionally to DJ… Great couple dances for those of you who like to cut a rug…

Skin by Jeanni Nishi…**TOXX**…. freebies eyes by me..

…In other news…. well, seems like UWA made the list of Showcase and got some extra visitors, and The Companion is one of the LL Hotspots…

On Tuesday, Juanita opens the Treeline Galleries…. here….…..

” Please join us on Tuesday December 15th at 2 pm for the opening of this important project .
Virtual Treeline is part of a larger real world Treeline project that aims to raise awareness of local and global environmental issues and encourage action through art.
The work on show in our galleries will be shown in real life galleries and schools and on the internet as well as in Second Life.
We are interested in showing artworks, performances, science projects and any builds that relate to the Treeline project.
Please contact Juanita Deharo if you have a project for Virtual Treeline.”

I had a sneek preview and saw great pieces by Alizarin Goldflake, Asmita Duranjaya, Fuschia Nightfire, ….didn’t see everything but RAG Randt, Sheba Blitz, Bocan Undercroft are also showing and, if you tp down to earth, I have my Chemist Tree there.

I’ve been troll building all the spare time I have so may have something to show for my efforts next week…

…. if things go well…..


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