>A good start…


Well, it was less than an hour after I wrote the words….”A movie like Avatar has a more powerful effect than we currently can envisage.”…..

……Wizzy turned up at the sand pit where I am working on a Norwegian Stavkirke…(a sort of post-and-beam wooden church common in Norway , built a bit like a ship)….looking very different to how she is normally dressed..:)) and, slightly inspired I went off shopping. There are a number of shops now offering avatars and clothes which have been inspired by the movie, and a whole new sub-cult of Na’vi’s.

I am all for this divergence from the strictly human-based avatar, although I have not yet practised what I preach, being more human than I would like to be, but I guess I will find my niche eventually.

….and within minutes of this event, ColeMarie sent me this link to art21…sort of underlining my words (the ink was still wet)…
“I do think, and, as you know, I’m an optimist, that the art of SL will start to have an effect on the RL art world more in this coming year. We saw the start of this already this year and that will grow. Art magazines and media in general are always looking for the next big thing, and we are that.”

…so…if you fancy adding a few comments to this ladies’ piece about SL, I’m sure it will be noticed..



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