>Weekend Rubbish Post, the usual…


Leading Artist Wizard (likes to sit on stuff) Gynoid and I looking somewhat dazed after a not-so-successful attempt on a new world record, the details of which are remaining secret as we don’t want the Norwegians to get there first…. and as I’m rebuilding Scandinavia like Slartibartfast…which, by the way resembles SL, in that 1 person per sim is pretty high density for some parts of Norway…. I’m keeping schtummm…

Recently likened to an Indie Pop band by CEO Mark Linden…..” @Wizard, glad you believe in Safety First :) you girls look like “twisted sisters” in this pic. I LOVE it. :P” tho, not sure it was a musical reference, probably more corporeal… (not corporeal9).,,

He went on to say…” Wait til Second Life has a bona fide outer space!!”… now I wouldn’t take that as a corporate promise or road map immediately, the Boys at the Lav have got more than enough to deal with what with RL named meshes on web-linked prims with revolutionary viewer and little box homes to all new-comers, they are gonna be pretty busy this year, and as the lag increases exponentially day on day we will just take it all in the light-hearted manner it was intended.

Oh, yes, new skin….. here I look like a Sister of Bryn … well, we have the same hair-dresser, Herne, I think, well….his salon anyway.
Bryn will be showing at Erato tomorrow, Sunday along with loads of other people, but the place will get jammed, so no Slurl…

.and…in other news, Jayjay, pictured above in his Babe-Magnet Avi, reminded me that it’s your last chance to win L$60k (not peanuts)…. all you have to do is produce a stunning Machinima of a not very stunning sim… piece of cake….

cake….La Madeleine is continuing it’s Jung themed chat this Saturday, today at 1PMSLT….talk to Isabella Alphaville if you are interested …it’s an exclusive salon….

… oh yes, one more thing, some Blender Users are popping over to compare notes on Sunday 6AMSLT (not many Californians, I guess…) at my place…. IM if you are interested…. no format.

oh…yes…darn…one last thing on the subject of “privacy is a thing or the past”….. check this out…eeeek…. persona gone mad…




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2 responses to “>Weekend Rubbish Post, the usual…

  1. >haha… well what challenge is it to create stunning machinima of a stunning sim ? lol :)))

  2. >hehehehe….exactly, and it's good to have a challenge. ..:))

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