>Busy and slack…


Been busy building bogs but blog’s been a bit bloody slack…so sorry….

So… see above pic of a part of the island I have been doing with Maeve, who owns the joint….It’s getting near finished and I have started helping Mab a bit on her :::soup::: sim, she needs some brighter trees as the previous designer was a bit vampirey…

Had an absolutely terrible weekend, and today wasn’t much better. Part of the code that recognises passwords on my home Mac is borked and my File Vault is locked against me…. tried everything short of a large hammer…..hmmm…..had that idea too at one point.

Anyway…weird as it may sound, SL is a safe haven as all my work is in my invent, well, while it lasts.

Looks like I have a million friends I never met “uniting” with me on UA…to what avail I have no idea, but I guess when I get kicked out of Facelift I will have others to send me fluffy things. Botgirl is right…I don’t pull the plug because I might miss out on something, like a kid that wants to be the last one to bed…. sad. Socially sad.

So, the upshot of all this is that I have been working very hard and hoping to put a few pennies aside for a new machine, hoping mine holds out for another wee while. Then we get to the difficult philosophical bit about how we choose to spend our cash as it seems to be the only real democracy we have. Should I go with Linux and a cheap machine because I believe in the idea of freeware and that stuff…or a Mac because they are better made and therefore more environmentally friendly (lasting 10 years?)… sorry…Windows isn’t on my radar….

Anyway, that final decision is still a way off… my heads a mess….may have fried my bio-card……:)) but OK…



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2 responses to “>Busy and slack…

  1. >Go for a Mac and install Linux – you can eat the cake and keep it! ;)

  2. >ahh…now there's an idea I hadn't considered…:)) thx.

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