>Facebook and Avatars United… cancelled.

>Ok..well..I just cancelled my accounts…

I am sooo bored with them both.

I figure “social media” are a bit like a faxmachine…outdated. I would rather have an IM with one person in SL than 3000 “friends” on FB, and really…AU has absolutely nothing to offer.

There are privacy issues, but my data is being mined whatever I do online, it is naive to think it isn’t, so it’s not that that has prompted me, just boredom with an outdated , and not very social, social setting.

So, if you are a friend mine we’ll talk in world..:… if you are a “friend”… goodbye, live long and prosper (if it suits)…



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Filed under Social dross and the relief of unburdening another "must do" from the list of crap.

One response to “>Facebook and Avatars United… cancelled.

  1. >Did I start a trend? Hope so…Love your tags for this post, too. ;)

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