>Politics, stuff and blurb…..


Just a little shot of Nishiland rising from the sea. I uploaded a homemade Raw file and I think its a bit crap but as there was no default setting I have taken it as a challenge to mod onsite with my terraforming tools….so we shall see…..

As you will have gathered by now I am moving hovel in RL so I get a bit less time for this ‘boring little melodrama’ but I have been reading around to keep up to date with stuff….

“Second Life’s New First Hour Experience Not Yet Increasing User Concurrency” is the ground breaking news from NWN…LOL…must be difficult to find stuff to write if you have to blog everyday…. but it’s as newsworthy as..”Baby born with two ears!!!” And… please don’t think I’m having a go at the Boys, that’s like shooting fish in a barrel, it got me thinking…

I have been hearing gripes about new viewers for nearly three years now and, mostly, they have been about stability and bugs. I have never heard so much outright disgust tho for a viewer before from quite ‘established’ people (not fringe nuts who will have a moan about anything) who are not just complaining about the various bugs or omissions but who generally hate the whole viewer……

…and I was trying to think of another product or service where those designing it have little or no regard for the end user…. and, it being the start of a Crazy Season here in the UK, my mind focussed on politics….(for about 10 seconds).

Spin, a word that has crept into the language about 1990/5, is what we used to call a lie. Lies are what politics and advertisers deal in continually. However, if you lie enough, and often enough, no-one will believe you, so, when it comes time to try and get people to believe in what you are doing……

Now, I’m not saying that the Boys have lied to anyone….. BUT…. if you have little or no regard for your end-user and treat them like ‘punters’ then there is gonna be a growing credibility gap which will be your ‘undoing’.

…which brings me to the question….who was the new viewer designed for??…and…. when is a good time to admit you have made a mistake?? ….and….why do I feel like no-one “in power” gives a damn??

…and….one question I can answer is….Do I give a damn?? Well, not really, no: not about politics or the viewer.

If the viewer gets too bad I shall move…if the politics gets too bad..well….that would be normal, I have come to expect nothing from those lying cads.

Anyway…. [14:41] Alizarin Goldflake: soror – you are a sort of wiseass nymph.


I got that HUD from the virtual looking glass place but then couldn’t shift it off my screen….needs some work someone….

Now….Juanita has written some nice things about the show at Treeline …here. and it would be remiss of me not to remind you that, if you haven’t yet been…it closes on Monday…so get your butt over there…:))))

…and…lastly but not leastly…just discovered Nyx’s blog… Prim Pushers where he talks building and stuff. Could not agree more on his article about the importance of textures….. well, the guy is amazing….he’s gotta have some good advice, you don’t win all those competitions without knowing a thing or two…..




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2 responses to “>Politics, stuff and blurb…..

  1. >lol.. yes nyx has been a juggernaught of late. wonder who will step up

  2. >Is this the same Nyx as Nyx Linden, I wonder?

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