>Party time at Skellig Medb, Clissa.


On the lovely island Maeve and I have created we got together for a bit of a party last night…..partly to celebrate my rezz day, and partly to show what we have been up to ….

The Born Again Pagans kept us on our toes….

With the talented Hexx, accompanied by Madame, playing live, chilled music offshore, underwater……

Old and new friends popped in…… here are some of them…

TheDove looked stunning, as usual…… Jannne in the background there…

…and Selavy who I hadn’t seen for ages popped in…..

….Nur was looking rather oriental…..

…and Miso always does….:))

Maeve, owner and master mind of the place.

Madora, with a stunning texture on that green shawl/scarf….

Lalo, bloggist extraordinaire….

junivers grooving….

…and I was very happy to see Caro, who I have known for almost 3 years now….

Betty, as bee, was gracious and complimentary as always…

Anti was sort of slow boogying….

…and Aliz…. perfect…..

Then Chrome turned up and a few of us went for a slow wander round the island with pleasant conversation under the stars..

…a perfect day…… that’s what life’s about…




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6 responses to “>Party time at Skellig Medb, Clissa.

  1. >looks like a great party! sorry i missed it, slept right through saturday… happy rez day soror!

  2. >I had a wonderful time — and you took better photos than I did! :)I'll be back; the whole of Skellig Medb is a wonder.

  3. >Honored to be a part of your enjoyable Day. I hear a lot of things said about SL..I find the delights under the canopy of SL worth every effort of time and energy..moments with friends who I would not have met other wise if it were not for this 3D world of ours.Thank you for being you soror, as well as for choosing to include me in your SL journey <3 !!@–@ Smiles brightlyBe Well and happy..Happy Rezzday Thank you for Skelling Medb delightful splash !

  4. >I have to agree with you Dove, Caro said exactly the same last night… namely the wonderful people I meet is reason enough to thank Linden Lab for SL many times over (tho I like to moan at them occasionally)…. great to share my time with you all…xxxxxx

  5. >awwww wish i coulda made it

  6. >Sry soror I would of dumped my stupid blog work if I had realised it was your rez day. Sounds like you had a nice time many happy returns

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