>General Erection Flop

>Well, apart from the media, of course, who can now continue spouting pure crap for weeks to come…the rest of us, (those who are not so naive that they think anyone they vote for has one single cell of altruism in their bodies) we are sooo bored to the back teeth with it all that Guy Fawkes (the only terrorist who we are allowed to support) would be acclaimed as a hero were he now to appear and finish what he started.

The British Public has spoken with one voice, and they have said ….”errrrmmmm”… all brain cells having been dimmed to a 5 watt flicker after weeks of lies. Democracy has prevailed…well…not quite….and we will now get a Fascist Government to replaced the fascist “Socialist” Government we have lived with for years.

22%, approximately, of the British public voted Conservative (Fascist), whereas only 18.95% voted Socialist (Fascist)…. so….that will make a big difference to everyone, won’t it, having a blue fascist government instead of a red fascist government.

Isn’t democracy wonderful.

One Green MP tho, no, not an avatar, a Green Party Member of Parliament… so, that’s a start, I guess.

The most interesting thing about politics is how incredibly boring it is. No one has any new ideas, it’s all just arguing about where we are gonna save money… like an endless discussion about which supermarket to visit. The fact is that we are pretty similar to Greece…broke. Years of rearranging rocks in Afghanistan has cost more than SubPrimeGate and everyone has been promised Everything…..so disappointment lurks just around the corner with a big stick.

Me??… well I just carry on weeding posh people’s gardens…

…smiling…. mostly.




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2 responses to “>General Erection Flop

  1. >soooo, y'all are hung now, and not even well hung, as parliament diddles around (in plain view, no less) for a deal "-) When you tire of it all, come help in my garden, and I will help in yours.

  2. >Yep… Clegg is trying to balance his lust for power with his credibility….hehhehehehe…. (guess which side of his psyche will win…)The gardening sounds like fun…… I am quite busy tho and my millionairesses are all so poor I feel sorry for them. Not one of them that doesn't complain at what a tough life they lead, I guess I'm just bleeding them dry in an effort to fuel my champagne lifestyle……

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