>more trees….


Finally got the Tree Sisters up for sale on the beach…..

…and….made a new tree in Inworldz which I think is probably the friendliest grid …and stable…. it has got money now so hopefully the builders and clothesmakers will move in cos I am currently wearing shoes which my Auntie would have liked, but then that’s quite appropriate as my current RL hovel is wallpapered in my Aunties style (and she’s been dead 20 years…well..she believed in reincarnation, so she’s probably been reborn as a virtual bunny by now)… its called the Mango Gourd Tree…

…and the Bluebird Orchid is for sale on my beach now, too, at last….yes…I have been a little behind recently…still that’s life, They say (tho They say a lot of things, most of which is crap)….



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