>another shop, Inworldz


Courtesy of GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus, who owns the surrounding malls, and Rosa Dagostino who made it happen…. there is now another place to buy my stuff Inworldz….. at Adirahuriye 92/211/26… I think thats right…I’ll get it into my Profile eventually…




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3 responses to “>another shop, Inworldz

  1. >wow. The notion of needing a tag mimics how we have forever come up with and assigned categories to ourselves or our surroundings. So for me, the question for you is this: WHO needs you to have a tag? To whom is it beneficial? In my world, commercial publishing houses insist on categorizing writers and their work in order to reach and groom target markets. For those who write, this kind of "cattle branding" is constraining, So, here's my worry: you who perform daring feats of art and thought are all about pioneering. You do not mimic. Yet "Virtual" as your tag is mimicry. It is already over-used, confused, and abused as virtual memory, virtual conversations, virtual communities, etc. If you feel strongly that it is a good one, ask this: Will it "stick" because it is a brilliant fit for the tag-ee… or because it slots into the expectations of a market? If your answer isn't both, be wary. That's all I'm saying.

  2. >of course, i posted to the wrong entry. sorry. i will now be quiet "-)

  3. >Ah, Maeve, how great to have a clear thinking friend… you are completely right.

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