>UWA, Glyph and other bloggy stuff.

>Well, popped over to UWA to see Wizzy’s new sculpture, which is well up to her normal standard….and loved Nish Mip’s Umbrellas, below, and ….

I’m always a sucker for this type of thing by Ginger Lorakeet, (tho I missed FreeWee’s humour)… and Samara Borkatron’s presentation of Robert Frost’s “The Road Not Taken” moved me more than I expected…

Sharni Azalee, inspired by Avatar, in her piece I See You, has a strong, emotional side which talks of identity in a more subtle way than Cat’s….but they are related pieces, I think…

Cat Boccaccio’s piece, Identity Crisis, is very striking, and slightly mesmerising.

Loads of other good things there….too many to mention…

Then last night I had to visit Glyph’s new installation at IBM (IBM exhibit C (14,124,23) which was very worth seeing…

….lots to see at ground level…..hidden stuff etc….then above this he has bacteria who have avis…. well…as far as I understand…single cell organisms are monitored in RL and their movements shown on SL prims (shaped like cells)…..

To put it more adequately….
”This isn’t just a simple RL/SL communication project it is literally real life mediated and projected into a new virtual existence. Somewhere in the bowels of Perth in the Studio of Electronic Arts at Curtin University, WA, Australia there is a lonely petri dish sitting on a bench. Inside this petri dish is a colony of Protozoa. Their movement is captured through video microscopy and then converted into a real time data stream and sent to SL.

Julian’s part in the collaboration is the physical world part, that is, to capture the data and stream it into sl where I pick it up and transform it into a SL existence. He collects his cultures from local Perth ecosystems and isolates particular microcommunities in these samples, then tracks their movement and reproduction through digital microscopy, converting the data into a set of coordinates and id numbers.

I met Julian at the inaugural Australian Centre of Virtual Art LAB (http://www.acva.net.au/) where I had been discussing possibilities for transforming data between worlds. Julian works with mixed reality data transfer systems, using real biological data to create bridged mixed reality environments. With a few stops and starts the collaboration on the Cells project went from there.”

Lots of arty types were there and lots of arty friends… a generally very amusing bunch.

Meanwhile….. Emerald_Viewer_1.23.5.1635.exe has been released by Modular systems…… which I havent tried yet, but Wizzy said the alpha fix was noticeably better…. will wait for further enlightened comments….

I am currently watching the French Open and Chelsea Flower Show this week so my interests are somewhat varied….expect no great SL presence, tho some new trees are in the offing….

Oh, and my show at IBM will now be in September…also on IBM C like Glyph and Miso…

My Virtual Treeline book is in the post….exciting…can’t wait…




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2 responses to “>UWA, Glyph and other bloggy stuff.

  1. >the emerald alpha viewer also lets you know who is running the 2.0 viewer. that's kind of fun to know.

  2. >good stuff soror as always :) great seeing those wonderful images here.

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