>Midnight Maple…

>Another tree I have just saved from extinction…..

….it’s called the Midnight Maple and is being bred for production….

and, unlike sion chickens, bunnies and other FunnyFarm creatures, it doesn’t need feeding…

So the Sion Chickens and UWA battle it out for the Linden Prize, amongst others, and, apparently the blogs are discussing the pro’s and cons…not that I have been reading those much.

I have read a couple of good posts from Dusan and a couple from Botgirl which I will no doubt get my head clear enough to write about later…. it’s full of tennis at the moment…(congats to Sam (the Ozzie) Stosur)….tho I do like Justine’s tennis….

…in other news…. I got my book…Virtual Treeline…it’s an excellent round-up of current tree freaks in SL and will be a great collectors item one day as it’s fairly expensive so I shouldn’t think there will be that many sold.

…also….sold my first trees in Inworldz….coolio…

I will be surfacing next week after the French for a brief while until Queens (start of the grass court season) followed by Wimbledon…hmmmm….I should be back to normal after that…….

If you need me tho…I’m around…



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