>Blog snaps

>Well, I finally dusted the camera off and snapped a few things this last week….so….

This is the artist board at S&S Galleries in Inworldz… showing….

Fiona Leitner
Elin Egoyan
Kirle Adamski
Alial Allen
Larkworthy Antfarm
Shoshisn Shilova
Teal Etzel
Danika Littleboots
Soror Nishi
Trill Zapatero
Life Charron
Archer Zerbino
Lala Lightfoot

Wizzy has a show of her things, including the new RL/SL tensegrity sculpture at a Chilian University…..University of San Martin de Porres….here

…and I was in a Machinima that Alizarin Goldflake has produced, filmed by Chantal…. for inclusion at the World’s Trade Fair… probably the most rehearsed piece ever…:))

…and finally got round to making a start on tidying up the shop….

…and as the French Open finishes on Sunday….(don’t forget UWA>>>go vote today….)…with…as I suspect a possible Aussie win from Sam….I should be back to my normal self on Monday (until Queens starts…)……finishing off a new orchid, which is a bit of a stunner (if I can just get that tex right………).



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  1. >thanks soror!yes everyone… do go vote :)))

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