>Blogger???….. bullshit???

>I am not a blogger….or at least I do not consider myself one, and have never set out to be either. I simply mention this in passing as there is some challenge by bloggers for other bloggers and of little interest to anyone who isn’t a blogger. I’m more of a bullshit artist really, I just ramble on a bit and people read this stuff because I seem to be on the same wavelength as you/some of you.

758 posts is more of a habit than a conviction, certainly no ambition, tho I was mightily stimulated by Right as Rain when he asked me to take down a post where I had dared to criticise him. He wasn’t worried that people would read my “boring little melodrama” more that they might stumble upon it by accident…. hehehehe…. ah well, he was the first but not the last to take offence at my musings….

I am pleased tho that I gave up blogging for koinup, not that I didnt do a few good, and the occasional controversial, post, but I felt the obligation to blog (cos I was getting paid) and that took the fun out of it. I have to really just let my musings take me where they will, be it texture lectures, art, sex, architecture or the psychology of virtual existence… it’s just a bit of fun with the occasional thought and the odd rant.

…..and, because I digress so well…. I can flip anywhere I like…like Inworldz…..and the new tree, the biggest tree I have ever made…..see below…

Now, some of you may note a ‘more than passing’ resemblance to Tree Sisters… yes, they are the same genus…

….and the White Goddess Tree, which won ‘best unscripted build’ at UWA last month (thanks all) has self seeded all over Inworldz and some have grown to maturity….

….due to the generosity of Mouser (Scotsgraymouser Janus) I should have room to plant a little copse of them at Alchemy Labs…

The above build shows the Library at Tesseract…. Mouser is no slouch when it comes to building herself and she is responsible for getting me interested in Inworldz…

So…..I will keep you all up to date…. Alizarin Goldflake and Wizard Gynoid have visited and rumour has it that Scottius will build there too….interesting times. Theres about 5000 users I think and 5000 reasons for someone who makes hair to come and sell us some…oh, and shoes too….




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6 responses to “>Blogger???….. bullshit???

  1. >I'm totally with you on the joy of having a blog with an anything goes mandate. I commend you for bailing out on the high-profile paid blogging gig when it proved to be creatively constraining.

  2. >And thanks again for spilling the beans about Inworldz soror. I've got a couple more people to join as well…4400 peole today I think, 211 regions.Ya think we'll ever see M Linden at a greeting area welcoming a nooblet.

  3. >the cool thing about Inworldz is that it is Open Sim and Groups work and money works too!

  4. >Yep, thx Botgirl, if we don't follow our own muse we end up dancing to someone elses tune…Brinda, well…great to meet you there…Wizzy, I agree, it has the basics necessary for a social life and great building features.

  5. >Yup been tinkering over there too…now if I could only find a proper tiny avi…

  6. >hmmm….Scottius, I think Scotsgraymouser Janus ('mouser') talked about tinies….she might know….

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