>In troubled times..


If in doubt…..dance….

This is Okin Nishi spinning stuff at Artisfacta… last night…

…and my old favs…..Alienspeaking and Mr. Widget at Braunworth.

…in other more cultural news…..Eshi Otawara seems to have returned to SL, and has a new shop here. I didn’t actually buy anything, for once, her new stuff is a little to “period” for me, I like the semi casual look more often than formal wear…..but v pleased to see someone so talented return….

Also put in an entry for the UWA June round of Imagine… a bonsai…my 99th Ancient One, the Midnight Maple….. and I’ve been getting some ideas together for my IBM show in the Autumn, I have a great tree and a good flower so far…lol….better get that Blender whirring….


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