>Inworldz and CelticWarriorMaiden…


Well, this was the first party I have been to in Inworldz, CelticWarriormaiden played some chilled out folksy stuff which was great. She has a beautiful voice and it was well appreciated that she had gone to the trouble for our pleasure. Thank you very much.

It was well attended, around 15 people, two tinies, a fairy, a nekko…all sorts….some names…..Teal, Miso, Ian Scott, Alizarin, Taralyn, (who’s place InArtz is), Julia, ELQ, Cy All, Treasure, Astra, Jim y, Chantal, KarmaGirl, and Scottius….. may have missed someone…sorry if I did….

I think Aliz did the decorations and we all had a dance…well, I left early cos of bed….

Earlier in the day I had been doing some work for Frigg…(of Companion sim fame).. she needs a bunny park…so..

…with a general “moon” type theme I set to work and this is, I think, still a work in progress….

In other news…..Wimbledon is great, loving it all,….now for week two……drama!!



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