>Inworldz hits 6000

>6011 users, 100 online and 249 regions… it’s growing daily.



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6 responses to “>Inworldz hits 6000

  1. >Now if we just had some decent mens hair and some physics for my bike

  2. >I'm sure it'll come….I quite like the fact that we are all a bit noob-stylee….it sorta makes appearance less of a 'big thing'……. as for your bike….. hmmmm…..

  3. >Gosh..I missed out on being a kinda pioneer in SL, but here we are rather in on the ground floor as it were! Inworldz was just under 4K when I joined…it's so cool to see this rapid growth.While I'm not bailing on SL just yet, coming here is fun and gives me and my SL residents a *lifeboat* for the potential Titanic icebergs.

  4. >Yes, I like the newness of it all and I love being able to scale my trees to whatever size I decide looks right.

  5. >OK….so….I made a mistake….I did tell a couple of people that I was approaching my rezzday in Inworldz….duh!!…. I misread the date…..7.10.2010…. thats October, not the US style dateline I thought….. no harm done…(embarrassed smile).

  6. >wrong…it was my rezz day… 10th july… doh!!

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