>Shopping InWorldz


Well, never let anyone (like me) tell you there’s no shopping to be done in IW. I had to go get some stuff as I was still looking like a noob right before my rezzday…so..off I went…

The most frustrating thing is when they say in the classified that they have shoes, you tp in, wait till all the stuff has loaded, which was a bit slow today, only to find they sell skins…oh well…

Walked away with 4 new outfits and two new hair styles. pretty good really…

I have to recommend this blog post…. v funny… Boyd, I cracked up…

still smiling…




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2 responses to “>Shopping InWorldz

  1. >Thank you for the link to "Parktown Progress" – it now has a new follower.Shopping in InWorldz: spotty, improving almost daily… and yes, there's that frustration of keywords indicating products the stores may intend to sell, but they don't have them out yet (i.e., have not imported them from SL). So far, shoes win as "most desired, least available". Then again, just as in SL, items for men in general are much less available than items for women.

  2. >absolutely, on all counts…:))

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