>Second Life vs. InWorldz..

>Unusually for me, I’m just gonna let the facts speak for themselves…

The Prim.

In SL the smallest prim is 0.01 x 0.01x 0.01m, in IW it’s 0.001x 0.001x 0.001m

In SL you can hollow out a prim 95%, in IW it’s 99%.

In SL the largest prim is 10x10x10m, in IW it’s 128x128x128m (256x256x256 if you use the Impudence viewer.)

In SL you can link prims upto 32 meters apart, in IW you can link upto 256 meters apart.

in SL a mainland prim costs 13 cents per month, in IW a mainland prim costs 2 cents per month.

Time for the Boys to improve the facilities?

InWorldz wins currently, hands down.




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21 responses to “>Second Life vs. InWorldz..

  1. >Nuff said. /me wonders if the Boyz are listening?

  2. >Well, Maeve is gonna send it to the tech team, she says…..

  3. >And the Linden "Endowment" (tax write-off, according to Crap Mariner) for the Arts had a major contretemps today over the use of megaprims… which apparently still aren't glatt kosher for the ultra-Orthodox wing of the Lab.When all they have to do is get the open-source code from OpenSim and retrofit it? Or tweak a couple of number sin their own code?Puhllleeeze…

  4. >yes, well…my last words on the Artists Endowment for the Lindens were… "I expect to be disappointed"….glad they haven't let me down yet.

  5. >and you forgot even one point, one that I think actually kicks the bums of the stupid lindens: in OpenSim, the collision surface of sculpted prims is identical to what you see, where in SL the collision surface of sculpted prims is still a globe.For non-techies: this means in OpenSim you can do sculpted landscaping with giant prims and sculpt maps and people can actually walk correctly over it's surface!

  6. >I've been doing some work on Taralyn's IW sim and it's a nice experience, for the most part. The other grids I've tried have been real nightmares of lag and crash. First thing I did was rez a 128 meter cube just to test. Sweet. Then I rezzed 1000 1mm cubes (10x10x10)in the space of a 1cm cube – SL's lower limit. Went a little wonky when I tried to turn them all physical.. heehee. Anyway, if all you're interested in is prims, you can run your own sim on your computer and make up your own rules. The key is what to do with the product. Who do you want to see it? If you just want to take pictures or video, use DAZ or Maya or something. SL makes really crude graphics compared to state of the art. Its main advantage is its accessibility to a world audience. IW and similar worlds have potential to make inroads and I'm glad to see the competition. LL does indeed need to sit up and take notice.

  7. >Barney, I didn't know that….FreeWee, yes, I have enjoyed building in IW, and, to use your dog analogy this dog does tricks that the Boys could have taught theirs to too.

  8. >After having a drama ridden month on SL and my Sim, and being banned for having random money givers on my sim, which by the way, does not make any sense, why are they allowing them to sell it on Xstreet, if LL is deeming them illegal in SL?That being said, I jumped over to similar games like SL, Inworldz and 3rd Rock being the other. I have since moved to Inworldz, a much friendly atmosphere, and less restrictive.

  9. >sounds like IW is way better for building but they have a long way to go in utility for general users…i am averaging a crash ever 3-5 mins…had my experience in SL been like this, i'd have never stuck around…i am hopeful they will improve and make it another place i can perform music and meet great people!

  10. >may be something wrong with the viewer you are using, some are not so compatible, i never crash there…i use the latest ~Imprudence.

  11. >Just visited InWorldz. Have been in SL since 2004 back when it did crash a LOT! lol Did some time in ReactionGrid, more in osgrid and have run my own standalones as well as gridded instances on home and cloud instances. My first impressions of InWorldz were not good. Very very laggy for every region I visited. Crashed twice. Got into half flying float above ground (layed out) and couldn't get out without logging. This combined with no hypergrid to from elsewhere makes it not worth it too me. Unless of course the user base really picks up. I can run a region on an amazon small instance myself for < $50/month and link it to osgrid or other grids or just open it to hypergrid.

  12. >I've just visited Inworldz again after being away for a few months. It's still as glitchy as it was in June and the standard Inworldz viewer is very crash-prone.Compared to OsGrid, Inworldz is more friendly, helpful and welcoming to newcomers but it'd be great if my avatar could sit down more easily!

  13. >I am surprised that you have this trouble with IWz, as I do not. I now use the new Imprudence viewer, and have done for some months. Maybe you could try that and check your settings.I find turning of AO helps with sitting, tho there are still some issues with sit poses, I agree.

  14. >The advantage IWz has over running your own sim is the economy, I have sold more there this month than in SL.

  15. >" In SL the largest prim is 10x10x10m, in IW it's 128x128x128m (256x256x256 if you use the Impudence viewer.) "….I'm not sure what you mean by this ? . . my home is in SL and I have several builds there the main structures of which are single 50x50x50m hollowed cubes and I've often rezzed larger mega'sIn IWz I'm using Imprudence and with the normal IWz build tool there's no difference to SL , 10x10x10m max prim size and 95% max hollow . . . . I'm new to IWz so is there something I don't know ?

  16. >If you use the latest Imprudence viewer in IWz you can stretch a prim to 256x256x256.In SL you cannot alter the size of a mega. You are never the creator of a mega. You can therefore never export a mega.In SL you will never be able to custom size a prim over 10x10x10. In SL you can't find or make a prim that is, for example, 19.2×34.6×23.7, in IWz that is easy.I think you must be using an earlier version of Imprudence if you are unable to get these results.

  17. >. . ahhh . . yeah I was . . . . thanks for that . . : )

  18. >InWorldz is lacking a physics engine. For all its improvements over SL, that's a big old deal breaker for me.

  19. >not for long, tho…it's due in January, and it is going to be better than SL's.

  20. >In Second Life, you can pretty much have whatever password you want.In InWorldz, passwords can only be 12 characters, and cannot have symbols or spaces.I guess it's a good thing you can import megaprims into InWorldz, so that you can keep all your stuff after your account gets stolen.

  21. >Inworldz all the way! My brother in law is the co-creator!

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