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Well, those this may look like a well-known and famous otter, it is actually uninhabited prims, so far, Taralyn Gravois and I put this together InWorldz for a certain someone…. [a collab? you exclaim….yes….I can work with other people…]

This is my latest orchid, Orchis Inworldzii, and I have no plans currently to rebuild it in SL…but we will see… it’s a bit primmy, and that is, of course, no problem on IW… so it may be exclusive like some of my new trees until some future date where import/export is enabled….

Jimmy Debruyere built this lovely piece and is showing it at UWA…time to go check out the works there, before July ends at the votes are all cast. Pixi Cosmos has a lovely piece there which I am v happy about as she is a very modest person but talented and creative…..and there are loads of amazing pieces there…

My beach photo….June 2007…. I have been surprised at how many people used to visit without me knowing…guess I should have put in a counter….

There are still bloggers and well-wishers commenting on the party and the beach, Brinda says the music was “Without a doubt the best music I’ve heard at any venue in any life”…so that’s quite a quote for the Born Again Pagans…:)).. Lalo mentions it in a very good post on SL and stuff…and for those that haven’t seen it….Snickers post about Xstreet is superb (nothing to do with a beach)…

While we are on a bit of nostalgia…this was the DJ desk for my opening party 2007 with Timewave2012 Planer on the decks….

I cleaned up after me…no crisp packets or tinnies….

…and this is my little Dragon Lair at 900 meters, no tier, my 512 plus my alts….. Kaltusaran Moonsoo’s dragon and I…..it feels very ‘free’…and looking at my SL account summary….I am certain I have made the right decision.

Smiles all round…



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3 responses to “>All sorts of bloggy stuff….

  1. >While I'm happy that your decision was correct…I and I'm sure a lot of others will miss your beach. I stood there last evening and just remembered.I still return to where my first home was… or the shop Twinkle had and just remember when…When all this seemed so impossibly magical…

  2. >Yes, and I do understand that… xxx

  3. >Okay okay, I gotta get my otter bones over there again :)

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