>soror Nishi Island.

>I have just bought an island in InWorldz, called soror Nishi Island.

It was fast, easy and fun.




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7 responses to “>soror Nishi Island.

  1. >Great commitment soror =^..^=OK…renting out parcels? heh heh

  2. >hehehhe….45,0000 prims…ooooo./me is like a kid in a sweet shop.

  3. >45,000 prims?/me is jealous….

  4. >but soror… dont forget, you still have big spaces in SLhttp://scruplz.com/?p=966:)course about 5% of the prims… lol

  5. >Woohoo – Congratulations Sweety – go has fun!!Nur Kitty

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