>soror Nishi at UWA.

>For those of you that missed my opening at UWA (SLURL) on Sunday….a few snaps…

Great fun was had by all, and I really loved the following song which Eifachfilm Vacirca, the DJ, played …(the whole set was good)…

Nothing more to say….hehehhehe




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6 responses to “>soror Nishi at UWA.

  1. >yes i do, and this post is brill as usual.

  2. >hehhehehehe….you do anyway…:)) thanks.

  3. >the Nishi Forest @ UWA can remain for all time

  4. >i think jayjay and UWA are conspiring to take over SL. don't you?

  5. >hehhehe….I have heard rumours….pretty sure they could do a better job of it….. difficult not to, really…

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