>Opening night at IBM


Tasty Hax was the first to take the decks and spin a really great set. Laid back, sweet and tuneful there were people dancing all over the sim.

…and the actually DJ desk she rezzed looked like it had been made to fit in…cool..

DoubleDown Tandino took over and played some stunning good music…and a 100 people came and went in the course of the first 2 hours…

Luckily ColeMarie Soleil came and played the first tracks from her new album which was great as the Born Again Pagans couldn’t show… maybe RL probs..

The great thing was the people there…we had a good laugh and there was some witty chat…all cool.

Cole kept us all on our toes with some magic…it was excellent…

Got to bed late, over 120 visitors later.. one of the best parties I’ve been to for ages….well, I would say that wouldn’t I..



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