>Bits and Bobs.

>Well, theres a box full of bits I haven’t posted and which those of you with busy lives and no Tweets might have missed ….so.. nothing original, just recycled bobs.

My news is that I have started building at Burn 2 as an invited artist even tho I have been pretty stiff with my criticism of the event in past years, especially the land grab which I always hated and the Megaphobia which still pervades the poor souls that organise it. Anyway, they generously gave me some prims to play with and I have made a start on that.

InWorldz I have cleared the sim of my trial bits that I rezzed there as preparation for IBM and hope to start today on a new build which will be a bit different to anything I have done before, and a bit the same….. just more prims.

Re. IWz.. they had a concurrency of 300 this weekend, which is about a 600% growth in 4 or 5 months. Elenia writes about it here. Surely one of the nicest aspects of a smaller grid is that you actually get to know the Founders thro blogs, forums and personal meetings, it builds trust, a vital aspect as Tateru pointed out. …and, with NWN diversifying into other grids..it seems.. Nightflower is right in pointing to the fact that, if your friends are with you, it doesn’t matter where you rezz your hat.

Re. Mesh…thanks to Malburns for posting this … hehehehe…

…and just as funny…reTweeted by SecondLie from Seralok…

Yep, we’ve all had our moments of frustration…

and….keeping you amused, Snickers posted an amusing post

…and, on a more serious note… as a sort of footnote to my previous post on newbies… I was directed to a very good blog by Pussycat Catnap where she has really taken time out to go through everything we all need to know about SL, especially if you are new, and/or new to the Dreadful viewer too.

On the subject of “What is Second Life?” this has to be a very thorough answer to people who have never heard of it before.

My favourite art that I have seen this last while has been Scotti’s show of his work, and I have no idea if it is still showing, or any record of where I saw it… just really nice images of his RL work…

I do know its called Stick in the Mud…. maybe some person with a memory will post details in the comments….

…and, as a follow on from my last post…UWA has 44 machinima entries….wow…

Oh, and check out Lem Skall’s photos of Tree of Trees up at the top right here…..

Time to go building…



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  1. >Oh I think I know where that piece is…it's at the Criss gallery in the costa rica sim. Dont have an lm on me at the moment.

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