>Neotoy Story films Tree of Trees.


…and later an almost documentary style vid of the Tree or Trees in its final state.

As things come and go so quickly in SL, it is wonderful that someone has taken the time to nail the prims to celuloid …




Filed under Neotoy Story, Soror Nishi at IBM, Tree of Trees

2 responses to “>Neotoy Story films Tree of Trees.

  1. >Thanks for noticing :) I am a big admirer of your work. As you astutely pointed out, builds in SL can be very transient and also limited to a showing inworld.I find it a real shame when amazing works of art have their moment in the sun and then vanish back into the inventory like a magician's rabbit back into a top hat. That is why I filmed your truly fantastical art.Anyhow thanks for being such a creative and inspirational person.

  2. >and…once again thank you for recording it.

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