>Rainbow Country


This is the first photo of Rainbow Country, my new shop on InWorldz, at soror Nishi Island. It’s nearly finished (if anything ever is), well, more finished than Viewer 2.2 anyway.

Like SL, its half empty, but half full too.

18,000 rats can’t be wrong…. except for the one who jumped from one sinking ship to another (Blue Mars).

This build would just not be possible in SL as all the megas are tailor made to fit the build. It’s been a joy to build while on Ultra and getting over 50 fps. I can heartily recommend all deserters to check it out, I sold more this month in IWz than I did in SL.

Oh…and if you need any trees… I’ve got some new textures/colours on some of my products and will be concentrating on building more new stuff over the coming month.

Friend me in IWz if you need any help, tho they do have mentors there.



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5 responses to “>Rainbow Country

  1. >this post elevates snarky to a new level.

  2. Jim

    >Love it. Not sure why. :pI suspect the snarkiness level. :D

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