>Rainbow Country too


These are some more shots from my new shop in InWorldz. The new pink and purple Pitcher Plant group is an alternative to the moodier original which has turquoise and aqua particles.

…similarly there are two new colours of vine, peppermint and purple to go alongside the original cappuccino.

….various mushrooms…

The Moth Orchid Lilly set above is now retextured in, as you see, a pale blue…. also available in pink, purple, orange and the original green, all with particles.

Meanwhile, back at SL I have rebuilt the lovely Orchis Inworldzii and it is available at Nishi Disposal, tho, as it was built in IWz where prims are cheap, it is 80 prims, which might be a bit heavy for SL.

I also have a smaller set of dragons which I will eventually offer as a Baby Fat Pack, or Fat Baby Pack, offering a discounted price if you buy the set.

The shop is getting very near to being ready to open as it is over half full now and there will, I am sure, be a party around the corner to celebrate me being fully established in IWz, a process which has gone remarkably smoothly.

Any DJ’s wanting their first gig in IWz should IM me in either world… maybe we can do a big showcase event there.




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6 responses to “>Rainbow Country too

  1. >Thank you for those few words of wisdom, we await more lucidity with bated breath…

  2. >sometimes is best just to delete and ignore…

  3. >Nice work Soror!hmmm, someone kinda jealous?

  4. >thx Alisa…:)) who knows

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