>Burn Bits and Pieces, and SLadvertising.

>Burn, well…. good post, and the map produced by Miso is a gem…get it here. it should be an official guide, flying around looking for stuff is a no-no.

My goats are carrying on with the good work…

….in the ongoing recycling…

..of fuschia to melon. The flower head is at 250 meters, so don’t be afraid of going vertical, I’m not.

…and this is Rainbow Country at InWorldz where I am arranging a little opening party for Sunday at 2pm, Nox is gonna DJ, and you are all heartily welcome, of course. More spam, later.

In other news it looks like the Boys are moving into the advertising business, and, again what may have seemed at the time like a bit of a rant, or a sort of deluded idea that I actually know what I am talking about…. I made several references to the fact that I was sure that the Dreadful Viewer was designed to show banner ads. No one else seemed to share my concerns, but… it looks to me like the Boys are actually all shaping up to be shop keepers.

Again, like with the housing market they are ‘moving in’ on areas which were purely business arenas for residents before they got a sniff of profits..

If LL can dump the troublesome grid and just keep marketplace, the lindex and the advertising business, their lives would be so much easier….. all they’d need is a good supply of white powder and they’d be laughing. They would rake off a percentage on sales, and the advertising and then the exchange, and they wouldn’t have to lift a finger… sounds like a plan to me….

…they have obviously some idea of how big the market for virtual goods will be in a couple of years time whether we all jump ship to other grids or not…

…only time will tell….

I wonder if they’ll end up selling underwear? …mosaic crutch accessories anyone?


P.S. this is my 900th post..



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4 responses to “>Burn Bits and Pieces, and SLadvertising.

  1. >Underwear I bet =))and congrats to posting 900! =)

  2. >"The goats! They march!"When the hooves are in the 7th Houseand Jupiter aligns with Marsthen peas will guide the planetsand goa-oats will rule the stars!

  3. >Ahh…. the Dawning of the Age of Hilarious…:))

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