>Sorry Philip…

>I really didn’t mean to be so mean, and I’m real sorry if you ran off because of the nasty things I’ve been saying about your trousers, it’s just that they are a bit weird in an old-fashioned sort of a way and I thought, with all those “Yes” men around you someone aught to tell you the Truth, tho I know the truth hurts and it’s never easy to take. Well, I guess they’ll be nicer to you at the Love Machine and maybe we’ll get Microsoft Man to help sweep more shit under the carpet until you return, loved-up and fresh. You know we all love you really, mostly, and, as you were taking that huge salary you ought to have been able to take the criticism as well, there’s more to life than trousers, after all, and the Tshirt was OK in a sort of juvenile retro sort of a way..

Have a good trip.




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5 responses to “>Sorry Philip…

  1. >Oh you are "sorry nishi" today? :P

  2. >hehehehhehe… very good!

  3. >One word – "Pants!" (ask an Englishman if you don't get this)Kranfel – hehehohohaha +2pts :DAs a practical aside that teh Boyz could learn from – to comment on these blogs, I must "temporarily allow all requests" 4 separate times (with my no-spam web scrapers). Is this "fast, easy, fun"? No. It's a bit of a pain. But I do it. Why? Because these blogs and posts are meaningful to me, I make the effort to read and post.Something the Labs might consider in their profiles.

  4. >oh boy, just when i needed more drama. how did philip know about my drama addiction?

  5. >reposted to this blog from New World Notes comment because I respect your blog and your audience:In many businesses, esp the tech ones, this is known as a "hatchetman job." It's especially devious in using P Linden's supposed cache as a stopgap measure. It was an empty gesture and makes all his "so ernest" words of July 30, 2010 (just search you tube) only so much hot-air at best, and low self-serving manipulation and snake oil at worst. You gotta ask, who's really running the show? My guess is on Jack the Lad.

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