>Avatar Beauty Treatment

>Wizzy, celeb Burn artist, flushed with success of her hot recent build, goes for all-over beauty treatment….

….skin therapy…




Filed under Wizard Gynoid. Burn

6 responses to “>Avatar Beauty Treatment

  1. >What no beauty treatment for the minions?Nur – Kitty

  2. >just hop in …it's free….

  3. >And look at the gorgeous effect on skin color it results in! Lovely and refreshing, I'm sure!

  4. >I took the treatment – well I hopped in. Just one minor problem, those flatulent goats kept putting my ciggy out.Nur – Kitty

  5. >It is inspiring… I plan to name my first male child 'Feta'… and his sister will of course be 'Fettacinni'.

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