>InWorldz, work in progress…

>I thought it would be good to show a little ‘taster’ of what people are building in InWorldz. 652 regions, all being built, so this can be no more than a glimpse…. one which I hope to repeat as I see stuff I like.

The large number of content creators on the grid will of course mean a fast maturing of the built environment, especially when prims are so plentiful…

These are three snaps of a build by Sasha Bowie, which promises to be a very atmospheric build apparently inspired by The Fifth Element, one of my very favourite films…. so this is ground level…it has a subway too, waiting for nVidia Physx which is programmed for January, I hear.

Mouser is working on the Icefalls here on Terreract and I hope to help with the planting of the crystal islands… will be great fun…

Zauber has made a great start on his Isla Draconia which looks to be up to his usual high quality..

Skaldistaad Viking settlement …. I missed finding out who the creator is…

Juanita Deharo is experimenting with some amazing terrain textures high above soror Nishi Island…

Julianna Holmer, the well-know aeroplane maker is building quality stuff at London Core, also waiting for the PhysX

…and Elfhaven…. lots of elves, and it looks like a commission for me to plant up a shop….details to follow..

In other news….. Eshi Ottawa has popped in to Iwz and I understand that she will bring over some stuff to buy, according to Arabella Steadham. Arabella is also now blogging fashion in IWz…. here.….

.. so Ruth to Diva, no prob….



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  1. >Great pics! The Fifth Element is one of my fave movies too. :)

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