>Grid hopping…

>Well, I often go and sit around in the coffee shop at InWorldz when I get bored with building and just need a chat..

and while I was there the other night I wondered if it is the best arrivals point in the Metaverse,…soo…I went and had a look…

OSGrid was kinda modern machine type styleee…

…and Reaction was a bit sparse and boring…

As I had never been to Jokaydia, but Thoth keeps inviting me, I though I would log on, registering first. Imprudence was a doddle to get to accept Jokaydia under its Grid manager button thingy… so off I zoomed..

I hated the idea of doing all those shape numbers that you have to do …so I thought I would try the Import Shape thing I had heard about… it has to be a full perms shape, which I exported from Reaction to my hard drive…thus…

Then…back to Jokaydia where I imported…obviously… it was easy-peasy. … but the default skin there isn’t full perms which is a pain… but found one on the noob shelves..

…and hey presto! I started to look like myself on a Bad Hair Day…

Anyway, I found my way to the Hypergate on Pathlandia….after reading about this, the Hypergrid Adventurers Club……because this blog was gonna be about the Hypergrid, but obviously isn’t…. which is OK…cos Maria has a very interesting blog about it here… far beyond my coding skills (which are zero), it is possible to turn any object into a Hypergate…… it just makes you realise how close we are to buzzing through Hypergates around the Metaverse….or, until then… Grid Hopping…

Now all I need is a reason to do it.

…..Oh, yes…..The Coffee Shop is by far the nicest arrival point I have seen so far..,

“Triple Expresso, please, I got a whole Metaverse to check out.”




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4 responses to “>Grid hopping…

  1. >Nice tour! And thanks for visiting Pathlandia. I see you found my horse.

  2. >Yes, he was grazing peacefully but bolted when I approached….

  3. >A reason to do it….thats easy.Because you can….. :)

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