>Busy Little B(uilder)

>Well, just to keep you all up to date…. I haven’t been slacking even tho I’ve been a little less social recently..

I am currently rebuilding my little forest at the UWA…(don’t forget to vote for the monthly challenge).. and am maybe half-way there…

This is my latest orchid, which I have just finished InWorldz, I’m calling it the Fuschia Orchid, which is obviously a name that won’t win any awards, but I run out of names at times..:))

And these shots…

…are from Tesseract on InWorldz…

…where I’m working on a forest as a part of one of Mouser’s projects….

So pop in/over and say hi whenever you feel like it, the RL snow will be keeping me torturing prims for the next few days it seems..

Keep warm..




Filed under flora virtua exotica, Inworldz, UWA

3 responses to “>Busy Little B(uilder)

  1. >Looking really beautiful Soror , love the new flower "Fuschia Orchid" ………makes sense to me …really lovely pictures of really lovely things …oh look ! i see the autumnal tree i really like in the distance and those icicles are awesome … very seasonal and very pretty …brrrr <3

  2. >someone was telling me about the latest rage – cat poo tree ornaments. they already include the tinsel.

  3. >Stunning and beautiful work! That new orchid is just gorgeous!

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