>Craft again…


Yes, my first build on Craft Grid, all went well. I uploaded nearly 2000 textures for free and Luce Laval has given me a plot to work on next to Wizzy. There is a Hypergrid portal just behind where I build… it quite strange like something out of Dr. Who….

Lots of well known names have popped in and Oberon has his own sim too.

I have been given space in the Museo del Metaverso to show a few pieces… which I will no doubt do. I can’t use Second Inventory yet as I don’t have Windows on a PC…and, looking at the price of the software, it would be a lot cheaper to buy an old computer than the new software…so that’s something to think about….

…..anyway…all went well ant this is the “Craft Mystical Bean”…not found on any other grid….yet…




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2 responses to “>Craft again…

  1. >***haze of free texture uploading bliss***

  2. >yay. welcome to The Craft – the friendly grid.

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