>UWA…. time to vote…

>Yes, time has come round again to go get an eyeful of the best recent builds on the grid at UWA. After a slight pause UWA is back on schedule with it’s monthly showing of what’s new and good in artland here on SL grid.

So, as usual, I thought I’d throw a few crumbs your way to entice you over for a better look……the one above is a piece by Typote Beck, and like a few of them, it’s scripted, so photos only give you a small idea of the actual piece…

Miso Susanowa has a great piece in the show which is a thoroughly appropriate and, as usual, intelligent comment on the question of art and the art business…..it is scripted as well so the photo is just a tease.

Kyra Roxan, creator of my recent hair sculpture…(here).. has two very cool pieces on show, this one being the more organic…as that is my kind of interest…

…and Kalie Fang has a very organic and rather mesmorising piece in the show…. above…

Zola Zsun’s tree would, of course, not fail to get noticed by this writer as it is yet another worthy alternative to the photo-on-a-stick trees that plague this grid…

Now, that is only scratching the surface of the works on show there. Alizarin Goldflake is showing some of her amazing work which she used in a stage set for an Alaskan theatre piece..

…and Saveme Oh is creating her own theatre, as she does, on a specially defined area of the show where she has a tiny parcel where she is unbanned…. it’s like a SaveMe Oh enclave, a sort of performance art ghetto. I find it very funny. Jayjay and SaveMe have created an ongoing soap opera/performance which I love.

So….the final voting day is Saturday as the awards are announced on Sunday…. pop over and cast your 3 votes.

…of course you have time…

…always time to look at art.



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