>Floating Islands in InWorldz.


I figured there might be some who would like to make their own floating islands, as, for me, they are far more attractive than a sky box..

…so these two colours (so far) of copy/mod island are for sale up at around 350 meters on Rainbow Country, my sim, for 300 Iz (around 180 L$) and….if anyone wants a finished, commissioned island complex….just ask..

Meanwhile a little nearer to the ground I have been carrying on with my build. Still a good way to go, but I am getting there… All these flowers are flexi, so, when the wind arrives in January it will make quite a show.

I have generally tidied up and sorted some things out so it’s a bit more ship-shape than it has been…

Pop over anytime you are always welcome.



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7 responses to “>Floating Islands in InWorldz.

  1. >I always get a kick out of floating islands :D

  2. >We have three (commercially available sculpt maps) at Falconvale: one holds up the lighthouse, there's a temporary one with Miso's candy-cane-and-bell tree on it, and a big one where we keep our soror collection :)

  3. >Wow wow wow. I like your mini-floaters ever so much but the rest of it is spellbinding. Congrats, soror.

  4. >Yep, I love the lack of gravity, it's such an underused gift.Bettina…thx…..pop in…:))

  5. >Wow, very nice things, i enjoyed it a lot !you gave me inspiration and had a nice visit :-)

  6. >Thanks Mira, v glad you enjoyed it….more to follow

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