>In the deep midwinter….


Day One of my Local Grid, Soror Nishi Land, and I have started already on the heavy landscaping. Altho you can’t get a scale of it yet, these 256 meter rock stacks are occupying a whole sim … with the other three sims sunk under water… It’s gonna be a very interesting terrain.

So, of course, it takes a very short time to upload 1000 textures as no ISP is involved and that gives me even more freedom with experimenting which textures fit best. I used this new workshop to create my first piece, today…as seen below…it’s my entry for the UWA thingy: December.

so…Day Two… it’s the Grove of Lanternfruit Trees… and the first tree created here.

Now, it is of course, the lunar eclipse….full details courtesy of Miso….here. … and on the verge of the longest night it’s great to realise that summer starts here….sort of.

So, with all good will to you all, with good wishes and kind thoughts I pray for light, laughter and levity for everyone both in this season and the following year.

i.e. *hugs*




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6 responses to “>In the deep midwinter….

  1. >Happy Solstice to you!"In the Deep Midwinter" is one of my favorite carols :)(It's snowing here, appropriately, but spoiling any chance of seeing the lunar eclipse)

  2. >ooo i likes those trees!Poor Lalo… get out a sled or something!soror, to the Celts there were only two Seasons- Winter and Summer. So you are right :)

  3. >well i'm glad that the first tree created there can also be seen in the December round @ UWA

  4. >ooo it looks exciting!! Happy solstice!! =))

  5. >looking brilliant already, soror; glowin' all bright on a deep midwinter night. have a warm and merry holiday. :)

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