>The Xmas Daisy Tree


Great to have plenty of time to mess about and fiddle with textures. This is my latest tree in IWz, also originally grown on my local OS grid. I have just finished reading a chinese book so I may have been a bit influenced, tho the chrysanthemum-like daisy textures were probably enough to get my creative juices flowing in that direction…. tho the trunk is maybe more japanese, to be precise.

It’s my first one of the new year, or last of the old, depending how you look at it…. and a great start I think.




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8 responses to “>The Xmas Daisy Tree

  1. >It's a fabulous tree, soror, and a bit of an echo of Kalt's tree, also. Fingers crossed: could it survive the hostile weather of SL?

  2. >Yep, it'll survive, not sure about the prim count tho..:))

  3. >it looks a bit black in the extremities. is it sick?

  4. >Well, could be the frost, I guess…

  5. >wonderful…. spring soon….! Eat your hearts out, you who cant manage to have all those lovely prims id say :P

  6. >Ohhh I wanna stand under it in a kimono! It's loverly.

  7. >Np.. Whiskey, that can be arranged.

  8. >hmmmm "a bit black at the extremities" two thoughts collide:1. gaijin *rolls eyes* that is to indicate the Yin earth energy flowing from this harmonious tree.2. "Are you saying that cause I'm BLACK?!?!?!?!"

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