>Workshop photos…


…all work in progress or Pictures From A Future Exhibition….

Didn’t want you to think I was slacking…




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6 responses to “>Workshop photos…

  1. >"Pictures from a Future Exhibition"… my mind's ear is hearing electronic Moussorgsky.

  2. >so let me get this right… you time-traveled back from a future soror nishi exhibit to give us these pics? that's friggin brill! i love this blog.

  3. >@Lalo….Emerson, Lake and Palmer, was it??@Wizzy .. no effort is too great to bring you the best in Omniverse reporting…:)))

  4. >It was EL&P who did an interpretation of "Pictures" in the '70s (I saw them perform during that tour). I was imagining something less "rock" and closer to Ravel's score of Moussorgsky's piano suite… say, more like W. Carlos' "Switched on Bach" was a realization of JSB's originals.

  5. >wow, simply beautiful – i find these images to be very relaxing for me =)

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