This needed posting…. (thanks to Jim Tarber for the tweetlink)




Filed under Democracy in Action., Politics and Julian Assange., Your Tax Dollars. The Free World

4 responses to “>TheAlyonaShow

  1. >Amazing, isn't it? BofA hiring criminals to take Wikileaks down… HPGary MAJOR FAIL. Disgusting. And the equivocation by all these companies is obscene. So much for propaganda and flag-waving.

  2. >It is a pure disgrace, yes.This type of "patriotism" is a cover-up on the same scale as "Christian" priests molesting children… evil in sheeps clothing.

  3. >Worst thing is it's our money they use.

  4. >who is this bitch? she has NO fashion sense at all. and not a single mention of Lady Gaga in the whole piece. (why does it say Moscow on the screen?)

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