>An offer I can’t refuse


OK…I would love to.


Do these people speak english as a first language?

Become my avatar? Really? Count me in.





Filed under Advertising gone mad, or at least deranged.

3 responses to “>An offer I can’t refuse

  1. >Me three! But can I also have an alt?!?!? That would be ossum, ossum.Incidentally, with all this talk about "transparency" and linking RL stats to your avatar, why does this woman have a different avatar name? I mean, with Display Names, there's simply no point in hiding behind a pseudonym. Liar, liar, digital pants on fire.

  2. >No, Miso…you can BECOME your alt, apparently.I want to BECOME photoshop afterwards…and… ermm.. Blender, and any other piece of software I choose.

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