>In No Particular Order…: Stuff.

>Busy and lazy by turns this weekend.

Here are a few things which I have sort of filed up ready to post and never quite got round to…

Firstly… well, Dotti made it over to InWorldz at last and, though she isn’t for sale quite yet, she will be… she’s currently holding up one of my platforms so it don’t fall..:))

SaveMe, “sponsored by UWA and Pirats”, has found a novel way of displaying art, she was here seen wearing her own gallery. As the evening progressed the photos got less PG, ending with “Unwanted Guest”, a show which, although I photographed, I figured would have taken too much time to censor as so many organs were on display ….(we aint talking church organ here).

Dark Moon I visited last week at the invitation of Nephases Amat. Neph has long been a friend and customer and she has a good collection of Flora Virtua Exotica by myself and a number of other SL plant artists all woven into an intricate ecosystem.

This is well worth a visit and you’ll need Neph to tell you how the symbiosis works….

I had to show you this, by Gingered, on show at UWA…. has to be seen 3D tho, really…

…and I did some work with Rose a while back and she has published the vid , my stuff is about half way thro…

If you don’t know the rest of the story “Why is there something?“..it’s worth checking it out. Pure genius, I think.

More stuff later … have a good week…


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