>London RL Show 25th March …"Transmission"


I will be showing the following machinima there along with a couple of slide shows…. and maybe a small canvas…. all welcome, of course. There will be about 30 artists showing, I understand.

My first proper machinima, My World In InWorldz.




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8 responses to “>London RL Show 25th March …"Transmission"

  1. >This is wonderful machinima, song from born again pagans.Inworldz resident Hexx Trek'erm..something'phobia.

  2. >Yep, that's the one…:)) Thx, glad you enjoyed, it's actually a NPISL build, (Not Possible In Second Life), due to the megas and also (by the time it's finished) the prim count.

  3. >Wooooooo congrats soror! Beautiful machinima. Crossing over the mirror interface… but who will do your hair?!

  4. >Thx Miso…who knows with the hair?? Maybe I should get a wig….. mind you, I have managed so far…. :))))

  5. >Wonderful! The music and the pics floats together so nicely. Love it <3

  6. >Thanks, Kranfel. The Born Again Pagans have exactly the right laid-back sound for my mood.

  7. >That is a lovely machinima! Full-screen, is what I say, with the headphones on. Big ups to Blindboy Gumbo for the harmony vocals and the slide wah as well! Real happy to be a part of this – thanks ever so much, Soror.

  8. Jim

    >Yay! Nicely done! What a totally surreal feel, and oh how the music fit the mood.

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