>Profane SL Haiku – The Contest.

>The birth of an idea…. 3 of us in conference Chat…

Chat failed…

[15:56] soror Nishi: 3 people…it cant even manage 3 people….how pathetic
[15:56] Miso Susanowa: so couldn’t we get 10 peeps together and approach Kickstarter for the funds to buy SL?
[15:56] Miso Susanowa: it isnt 3 people
[15:56] Wizard Gynoid: yesh
[15:57] Miso Susanowa: you know group works? you’ll vomit.
[15:58] Wizard Gynoid: SL punk rock haiku
[15:58] soror Nishi: yesh, i do too
[15:59] Wizard Gynoid: i’m in
[15:59] Miso Susanowa: you know how group works?
[15:59] Miso Susanowa: you’ll vomit. It’s stupid.
[15:59] Miso Susanowa: goddamn Linden rats.

[16:00] Miso Susanowa: 5/7/5
[16:00] Miso Susanowa: hmmm
[16:00] Wizard Gynoid: LINDEN RATS in a habittrail?
[16:00] Wizard Gynoid: with messages tied around their necks.
[16:00] Wizard Gynoid: no wonder it’s friggin slow

[16:01] soror Nishi: good one
[16:01] Miso Susanowa: hey i included the all-important nature image that most “haiku” writers forget
[16:01] soror Nishi: yep…it qualifies
[16:02] Miso Susanowa: yeah; they downgraded their Norvegicus hardy rats for effete interbred lab rats
[16:03] Wizard Gynoid: profane SL haiku – the Contest!

so…there ya go…

No Prize money, just glory…




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4 responses to “>Profane SL Haiku – The Contest.

  1. >"Against ToSwho gives a monkey's?Fry larger fish, folks."

  2. >The Moon lags tonight – shiny toys do no damn good;blame the residents.

  3. >ps – my proto-haiku strains at the meter in line 2; should be:"you'll vomit; it's that stupid"gomen nasai *bows*

  4. >I'll try to offer something when I stop laffing!

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