>Transubstantiation, some pics.

>Yep, it’s open…

..and there were 140 visitors on the first day…

Many thanks, of course, to the UWA and Jayjay for the prims.




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12 responses to “>Transubstantiation, some pics.

  1. >Congratulations Soror, it was a pleasure to wander, as well as do a massive dive down to the ground. Loving the combination of nature and construct feel.

  2. >Thanks, Scottius. Glad you enjoyed it.

  3. >I think it's a great idea to give a full sim for an artist in a month, Me and Blue who got the first two months understands the joy and challenge to get all the prims favored making. I even had not used them all lol.LEA is a place where Linden Lab offers the same challenge, but I'm not sure that you have to use megaprims there haha

  4. >Yes, well…let's not say too much about LEA.Linden Labs has ignored artists for the last 6 or 7 years, UWA has done more for artists in 18 months than LL ever has….and, for those that will accuse me of being negative.. tough… these are facts…. UWA (and sponsors) has given artists millions of L$ ….LL has given nothing.

  5. >we can hope that in future will blow milder winds from LL so they turn helps EDU sims and offers artist reduced prices on an island sim, but I am perhaps too naïve.

  6. >I would be surprised, well, gob-smacked, actually…. but miracles do happen, I hear.

  7. >oh it looks fab! The water reflexions….. <3

  8. >looks beautiful!pls what is the SLURL??Isabella

  9. >Hi, Isabella, the SLurl is on the previous post, "Transubstantiation opens today….whenever.."

  10. >Luscious and beautiful; entrancing and immersive. I hope you have posted guards to prevent Mr Cameron from coming in and using your build as a set drop for Avatar II :D

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