>/my bad, Blogger bug

>I have only just discovered, sorry, that Blogger has installed a spam filter which cannot be disabled.

Therefore there are some, Miso, Maria, Johnny and others who have had their comments delayed, or, now doubled.

I hope this won’t happen again, and I apologise, but Blogger has been daft too in not providing an Off button, much to many users disgust.

Seems like they refuse to be drawn into an argument about it saying it is “good for the user”




Filed under Blogger Bug/dumb feature.

6 responses to “>/my bad, Blogger bug

  1. >Same thing happened on my blog. There were a dozen or so comments that were held by the time I noticed it a couple of weeks ago.

  2. >Surprising they don't have an Off button…:))

  3. >try not needing to filter messages and see if that works

  4. >The filter works fine for me. I still see all the comments on time in my mail.

  5. >You blog muy interesting! Buy Acai Berry and Tiger bone diet love pills! Special offer!

  6. >hehehehe, Thirza thats the second bit of spam I have had in 4 years.

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