>Pictures from a Party InWorldz.

>Well, I didn’t manage to get good shots of everyone, some just turned out crap…sorry…

Mera, Birthday Girl, did manage better with her snaps…here..

I really enjoy going to spontaneous things like that. It was a great night. Witty banter, the stuff dance floors used to be filled with before people drowned out chat with those annoying gestures and sounds like farting whales….. [who thinks any tune is improved by the sound of a bullhorn … (maybe a few exceptions)]… it was a great gang of people…

Thanks to Jim for the music.

Great way to spend a Fertility Festival night….. tho the rumours are unsubstantiated…..



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7 responses to “>Pictures from a Party InWorldz.

  1. >Excellent party and Soror you always bring colour to wherever you go. Plus if it's a fertility party the attendance of The Horned One is a must.

  2. >O god i did NOT manage better! You make amazing portraits! =O brilliant!!! None of us looks this good! Thanks!! And big warm hugs and thanks for coming to Midsomer and partying with us! xxxxxx

  3. >OMG my HAIR! XDBut the party was GREAT! Thanks for coming, soror :D

  4. >WOW!!! Those are some gorgeous portraits!!! I just love the feeling and personality you captured with each. What a fun party! I'm so glad you were there! :D

  5. >@ Bradd…good to have a good solid male there, or two, or three…etc.@Mera, I didn't get them all tho…@Leanna….yes…had to get a low angle…I think you were balding last night…:))@ Boudica,….a shame I didn't get everyone, but….another opportunity another time…

  6. >Holy crap we look gooooood .. Thanks Soror for putting these up. Great to finally meet you and dont kncok gestures .. If used right they can be a laugh ;) Great party, can I have some more,please Sir? ;)

  7. >@ LadySakai….heheh…yep, great to meet you after having only known you as a Tweep. True about gestures, but …you know what I mean…:))…sure…I have a 4 year rezzday coming up in SL…guess I should celebrate that too

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